Everisingsun | Electronic Rock Pop | Kiwi Indie Artist | NZ Solo Recording Artist


I absolutely love photography!. I have a passion for People, Nature, Scenery, Events and Product Photography.
The many stories and memories that a single image can bring through the eyes of a camera lens is truly an amazing craft to hone and master.
I love the ability to create an image that does things to people…an opportunity to stir the emotions of the viewer… to capture a moment in time…

Water & Sand

I live by the sea, and being an Aquarian, I guess it’s second nature for me to have some kind of a spiritual bond with the ocean. One can sometimes lose true clarity of life until one starts to look at their every day surroundings in a different perspective. It’s part of why I love being amongst nature…it humbles me.

Concrete & Steel

The city life….the concrete jungle!. With it’s complex array of inter-connecting streets, lanes and avenues being dwarfed by the monsters of concrete and steel buildings, I have embraced with awe at the harsh beauty of city life. The humming of energy as an endless stream of people walk effortlessly to their destination, and among all the noise and pollution lies pockets of wonderful creations from architecture to sculptures, wall murals to graffiti art….the city is a true self image of the modern world and I am lucky to capture moments of city life…

Of Wood & Stone

Of Wood & Stone….I love the simplicity that wood and stone can give. Both of these elements are from the earth and has its own, unique energy, and to this day,
Wood & Stone have been an invaluable resource to our kind all over the world. For it has helped in the development of humanity to what it is today. Mother nature sure has its uncanny way of providing for us. I only hope we continue to realise that we must show our gratitude and heal the many scars we have caused on our beautiful planet.

Life Among Humans

If you look at the evolution cycle that we have endured over tens of thousands of years, isn’t it such an amazing journey!. To think that we have come from discovering how to create fire & making tools from stone, to creating the internet where we can communicate with others all around the world & sending satellites millions of miles into our solar system capturing digital images….it sure is pretty cool right now to share life among humans, and I myself hope to get the opportunity to capture more digital images of many other humans that I get the pleasure of meeting in my own journey of life!.

Everisingsun | Electronic Rock Pop | Kiwi Indie Artist | NZ Solo Recording Artist

Everisingsun | Electronic Rock Pop | Kiwi Indie Artist

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