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Everisingsun | Electronic Rock Pop Artist | Kiwi Indie Artist
Soul Journey
Everisingsun is a Kiwi Indie Artist from New Zealand who takes pride in his musical roots, and having a love for such a wide range of music genres, it makes absolute sense that Everisingsun should combine that love to becoming an electronic rock pop artist.

"My family is all musical, ever since I could remember we'd get together and sing. My mum taught me how to play the ukalele and the mandolin....from there it was a natural progression to the guitar".

"Growing up as the youngest of a large family, I listened to massive variety of music genres. Mum always loved country music greats such as Charlie Pride, Connie Smith and of course Elvis Presley was a family favourite. I also remember Motown being played many times!. As I got older, I started to listen to more of my siblings music like Queen, Jimi Hendrix, The Doobie Brothers, Bob Marley, Elton John, David Bowie, Dire Straits...and the list goes on...".

"When I was a teen, the bop craze became the new trend and my influences in music changed when rap music came . I started listening to The Sugar Hill Gang, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Afrika Bombaataa and Whoudini".

"Music truly is universal...all you need to do...is open your mind.... and listen"
If I Go
Everisingsun | Electronic Rock Pop | Kiwi Indie Artist | NZ Singer Songwriter | If I Go | iTunes
The Sooner I Believe
Everisingsun | Electronic Rock Pop | Kiwi Indie Artist | NZ Singer Songwriter | The Sooner I Believe | iTunes
Hold Me Tight
Love Is A Miracle
"Music is the medicine to heal your soul!" - Everisingsun

Music Can Heal Your Soul

"Whenever there is an emotional and spiritual change in your life, have you ever had the urge to listen to a certain song that somehow touches you deep inside?. Whether you listen to it to pick you up, to feel relaxed, or to stir a memory that brings you joy or sadness. Whatever the moment may be, music has the power to heal your soul by resonating universal soundwaves in a way that only you can understand.
We are all individuals and relate to music in our own way. That's what makes music so beautiful and unique. It can touch so many souls, no matter where you are in the world".
Everisingsun com | NZ Solo Artist

Continue To Share My Work!

"I can never get to where I am going without your support and encouragement so I do thank you very much and please continue to share my work out to your social pages. With a bit of luck, hopefully I may get some place where I can truly help make this world a better place. Love and Peace, always...Everisingsun"
Everisingsun | Electronic Rock Pop | Kiwi Indie Artist | NZ Solo Recording Artist
Everisingsun | Electronic Rock Pop | Kiwi Indie Artist
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