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Finance Now Commercial

If you’ve been watching television in New Zealand lately you may have caught me on the new commercial for the Now Finance company. They were on the hunt for an actor who could portray a builder but also someone who has dance experience. I not only blew them away with my rugged good looks lol, but I also amazed them with my dancing skills as well so it was all go for me!.

The advertising agency who cast me for the role were incredible and very professional in every way. I remember in the second call back they had asked that we wear jeans and a simple tee shirt because the role was for a builder. I thought I would go the extra mile and wear my ‘builders apron’ that I use for my handyman jobs at home, an old ‘hi visability’ vest I had lying around and wear my work boots – viola! – I actually looked like I was heading off to a building site! lol.

The day of the shoot was postponed a couple of times. The first was because the theme music they had planned to use for the commercial was just shown on another new commercial being screened on tele by a different advertising agency so it was a mad rush sorting out new music suitable for the commercial. The second time was due to the weather, but eventually we got to get the shoot going.

An early morning rise for the commercial shoot. My allocated scene was at Silo Park in the CBD industrial area. A very cool place to shoot I must add. So much had been done there to create a great place for both the commercial businesses as well as the general public. The crew was awesome. Very professional and totally knew what they were doing. I just did my thing, dancing around, having a good time. Most of the stuff they filmed of me dancing got cut from the actual ad, but lets say I did some wicked dance moves lol.

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