Photoshoot While Fishing

Everisingsun Photoshoot Vero Fisherman Insurance

One of my most enjoyable moments in life is having the chance to escape from the normal grind of the day and get outdoors into the fresh sea air and let myself loose with a bit of fishing. But I was very fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be a photoshoot model for the insurance company, Vero, as part of their promotional campaign for their ‘Fisherman’ Insurance Policy.

If you are a boat owner and do a lot of fishing or are out in the water quite regularly then I would recommend that you seriously consider getting yourself insured while you are out on the sea. Nothing can be more devastating that to have an accident while boating and find out your normal insurance did’nt cover you. This is where the ‘Fisherman’ Insurance falls into place. It makes sense really to have yourself covered while persuing something you love – fishing!.

Click on the link to check out Veros website for more information on the Fisherman Insurance Policy

We gathered at the Z pier in Auckland at 6:15am, and it wasn’t long when the morning sun managed to show itself in the Harbour as we headed off in one of our chartered boats – myself and a few other fishermen with a cameraman in tow, clicking away with envy as he eagerly wanted to be holding the fishing rod and not the camera! lol.

All in all, the half day photoshoot went without a hitch. The staff, camera crew and boating crew were all fantastic people and amazing company, and I was glad to know that I played a part in helping Vero promote their Fisherman Insurance Policy being in a photoshoot while fishing!