Thank You For Your Support!

I just wanted to have a quick blurb to you all and say thank you for all the support you’ve given me throughout my journey here online. I am truly grateful that you visit my site and social pages, and that you ‘like’ and share out my adventures on the web, no matter how small or menial they may seem. To bring happiness to someone who appreciates my creative endeavours make me very happy too, so I thank you all so much for the continued support and encouragement!.

Everisingsun | Electronic Rock Pop

The last decade was a tough one for me. When my mum passed I actually lost my love for music and acting for a while. Mum was an inspiration to me….she was the reason why I love music so much and it was like a part of me went with her. It took me some time to find myself again, so I am looking forward to a very productive future in both my music and acting. 

You know, everyone has their moment when they get lost don’t they…but’s that’s life isn’t it?. We all have our struggles, and I guess in the end it’s up to ourselves whether we’re either going to dust ourselves off and get back up when we fall down, or we simply stay down and wallow in our own sorrow and self pity. So for me…I am going to trudge forward toward a life worth living…a life chasing my goals!.

Well, until the next time I chat to you all…take care, be positive, and always share your love and respect!.


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