Jamming At The Whangarei Artisan Markets

Over the weekend I had the awesome opportunity to jam for a couple of hours at the Artisan Markets in Whangarei. The Artisan Markets reside along the Whangarei walk over Canopy Bridge, right next to the main Whangarei Bridge of which is its predecessor for vehicle traffic. There is a massive variety of stallholders that offer an incredible array of unique food, art & crafts, trinkets & items that can only found in such a market from dedicated, passionate artists and craftsmen & women who create these wonderful gifts for the world to enjoy!.

You can check out the Whangarei Artisan Fair Markets Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/artisansfair

The Markets have been operating there for quite some time now, and I remember jamming there a while back, so it was nice to blow out my musical cob-webs and sing my lungs out!

Bring On The Rain!

I am quite a resilient guy, so any kind of weather isn’t going to deter me from my agenda…bring on the rain I say!. But by the time I got there the weather actually was not that bad. Sure, there was evidence that it had been raining but over all it was mainly overcast with the odd drizzle here & there, but nonetheless the sun did show a smile at times 🙂

I was expecting to hear someone else jamming before me but apparently there was a bit of miscommunication – all good, I was there to make up for it!. I got to meet Tima & Michelle who run the markets and was told many of the stalls made last minute cancellations because of the weather. Weather can scare people away you know, so hopefully I can cheer people up and bring on the sun with a bit of music…

Let’s Jam!

So anyway, I got set up. I really wasn’t expecting nothing from the day other than to have fun and hopefully bring some good spirit into the markets and with the people who were there. I love my old school songs from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s, so I jammed a bit of everything from Otis Redding, The Beatles, Elton John, Roy Orbison, Cat Stevens, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Seals & Crofts & more – a good range of music that everyone seemed to really enjoy and had brought back a lot of memories to the stall holders & the public alike. It’s always a nice feeling making others smile, sing and dance…it’s my way of knowing in that special moment in time, I have made a positive connection with someone. Music is such a powerful force, that I believe if you have beautiful, positive music in your life no matter what genre it is, your soul will thank you for it!.

Beautiful People

I had the chance to meet some beautiful souls while I was at The Artisan Markets here in Whangarei, and one of them was a young lad by the name of Dijon(I do hope I have your name right:) – he is a very young, bright entrepreneur that goes by the name of ‘The Crayon Ranger’ and sells various gifts and trinkets made from crayon. I was very fortunate to be even given a koha from the Crayon Ranger while I was jamming – I was blown away!.

If you’re searching for that special gift for your son, daughter, Nana or Grandpa or someone that absolutely loves drawing with crayons, consider heading down to the Artisan Markets and visit Dijon the Crayon Ranger.!


Dijon The Crayon Ranger - Whangarei Artisan Market Dijon The Crayon Ranger – At The Whangarei Artisan Market


Dijon The Crayon Ranger - Gifts Dijon The Crayon Ranger – Gifts


Happy Chappies

Well it was needless to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my midday gig at the Whangarei Artisan Markets. I got to exercise my chops, loosen up my guitar fingers and blast out some tunes, and before I knew it, 2 hours had flown by which somehow seems to always be the case with me when I am enjoying myself!. Everyone was impressed and so pleased that I came – and if I can make someone happy wherever I go then I am more satisfied. One guy came up to me after my little gig and said “Oh mate, I could hear you down by the town basin (about 200 meters away), and thought I’d come check out the markets and I’m so glad I did – you played some awesome music, thank you so much!”.

Thank You Whangarei Artisan Markets!

A huge thank you to Tima & Michelle for their hospitality and to the stallholders and everyone there who enjoyed my entertainment and had made the day so memorable. I hope to see you guys soon for another market ho down:) , but next time…please let there be Ever Rising Sun!

Lots of love – always x


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